Richiger Flexi Grain Storage

  • Richiger Flexi Grain Storage
The Flexi-Grain Storage System is an integrated method whereby different kinds of grains can be stored and handled on-farm or in any suitably located site in a simple, secure and economical way by containment in large airtight plastic bags, with no constraints on the tonnage that can be stocked in this way. A large bumper crop or simply more grain to be put in storage after a good harvest means more bags to be filled, an auspicious state of affairs and a task easily handled by our R950 and R1050 baggers. The system comes full circle when the formerly complicated and work-intensive job of transferring grain contained in the bags to truck or wagon is done swiftly and effortlessly with our EA910 unloader equipped with new, patented features that put it well ahead of the pack with regard to speed and ease of use.
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